Scores of gardening aficionados gathered to talk bulbs Saturday during the annual Fall Garden Conference and Bulbs and More Sale at Harvey Convention Center in Tyler.

It is approximately the 15th year for the conference and sale, hosted by the Smith County Master Gardeners, said member Pat Welch. Each fall conference is themed and the focus this year was on plants which grow not from seeds but from bulbs.

Guest speaker for the conference was Brent Heath, co-owner of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs of Gloucester, Va., a supplier of bulbs. Discussion topics included bulb plants which are particularly suited to the climate of the deep south and bulbs as companion plants in home gardening and landscaping.

Local sales are a good way for home gardeners to expand varieties they grow, Heath said. The varieties at events such as the Bulbs and More Sale are generally better suited to the local environment, he said. He said they’ve been tested and are enjoyed by local Master Gardeners, who are an excellent resource for hobby growers.

“You’re getting plants these people have tried and they know grow well,” Heath said. “Master Gardeners benefit their communities, not some non-local source.”

Andrew D. Brosig

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