Lovely Amarcrinum is a hardy cross between two plants


The easy-to-grow bulb known as Amarcrinum is a cross between the flower Amaryllis belladonna and the Crinum moorei. It is native to South Africa and laughs at our hot, humid summers.

Amarcrinums will grow in full sun to part shade, and is deer-proof as well. It has beautiful, bright green, strappy foliage that is evergreen in zones 8 to 10, or to temperatures around 25 degrees.

Amarcrinum makes a lovely, long-lasting cut flower and is fragrant as well. It blooms off and on from mid-summer to early frost. Its showy, clear pink flowers sit in clusters atop tall stalks, and open one or two at a time over about two weeks. No serious insects or diseases bother this plant. Mealy bugs, nematodes, slugs and snails are occasional visitors.

Bulbs may rot if they are kept too wet, and leaves sometimes scorch if grown in full sun. Amarcrinum bulbs can be grown in containers and they thrive on being root-bound. They also are good candidates for borders, houseplants in a sunny window and around pond or water garden peripheries.

Amarcrinums date back to the 1920s. They are an all-time favorite of many gardeners for their beauty, toughness and reliability.


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