Breakfast is my sons’ favorite meal. They like it big, with pancakes, bacon, hash browns and sausage. Unfortunately for them, our breakfast doesn’t usually include these morning offerings.

We normally choose from a few options including turkey bacon, eggs, cold cereal, fresh fruit or oatmeal. But that does get boring sometimes.

If you’re trying to eat clean, it may be difficult to get excited about breakfast, especially if you’re in a rush in the mornings. We have it engrained in us to select only from a narrow list of foods.  Most of the time, they are either high in fat or high in carbohydrates. Who says we have to eat waffles or toast with fatty meat and orange juice anyway? I think it’s time to rethink breakfast.

I’ve tried the whole grain whatever with the leaner meat whatever. I’ve skipped the sugary juices and just opted for water. I’ve even had homemade green smoothies, a piece of fruit with Greek yogurt or a boiled egg. They are all good, but there’s only so much you can do with each of them. I say, why limit your morning pick-me-up to the typical breakfast fare?

I think people skip this important time of the day because they either can’t stomach these foods or it’s too boring. Go ahead; it’s OK if you don’t conform. Try peanut butter toast with a banana, a veggie quiche, thin crust veggie pizza or a baked sweet potato. The food police won’t arrest you for eating a garden salad at 8 a.m.

If you still can’t fathom a morning without the foods you grew up eating, then just make it better. Add peppers, spinach or mushrooms to your eggs and omelets. Top cereal, oatmeal and other grains with fresh fruit. Mix homemade granola into plain yogurt. There are many possibilities.

I think the key to breakfast or any other meal is to keep that metabolism going but fuel it with just a little bit of good stuff. It doesn’t have to be big and over the top. 

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