Tyler Type One Diabetes Foundation gains new executive director


Tyler Type One Diabetes Foundation has a new Executive Director, Sarah Wilson. But Sarah is certainly not new to Tyler Type One. She has been around since day 1.

“I guess you could call her family the “First Family of Tyler Type One” because they were the first family we ever reached out to as a new local nonprofit in 2009," says Margie Boyd, who founded the organization with friends and family eight years ago. “I am thrilled to pass the baton to Sarah and cheer her on leading Tyler Type One into this next phase as a local support system for all people with Type 1 Diabetes. She knows first hand the benefits of local support and is fiercely passionate about helping others."

Sarah is no rookie. Four out of six of her children live with Type 1 Diabetes and its daily challenges. Her daughter, Faith, 9-months-old, was diagnosed hours from death in 2009.

Then came Hope’s diagnosis at 13-months, Eli, at 9-years-old, and recently her son, Lucas, at 22-months-old. Keenly aware of the warning signs after Faith's horrific near death experience, she and her husband, Chuck, were able to recognize the signs early on with their other children.

"Tyler Type One has been a great blessing in my life. My children will never know what its like NOT to have support. That is something not many can say who live with Type 1. We have people in our group who have lived with it over 30 years and never connected with another person their age with Type 1 until they came to one of our support groups or events," says Sarah.

Local support is vital and invaluable to those living with this relentless disease. Tyler Type One is rare. It is one of the longest running monthly support groups in the country for children and families with Type 1 Diabetes. There are many organizations focusing on the cure but few whose mission and focus is all about life in the gap years between diagnosis and the cure. Our hope is to consistently provide peer support, education and an opportunity to connect with others who live with Type 1 until the cure is found.

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