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As more services move online to encourage social distancing, one program is seeing a surge is growth. TheraNow is an online physical therapy platform recently started by Tyler medical professionals that uses telehealth technology to deliver therapy with videoconferencing. Because of the recent shutdown of many clinics and the encouragement to stay at home by authorities, TheraNow is offering free service for those that qualify.

Medical Doctor and CEO of TheraNow Harshivinderjit Bains said: “During this COVID-19 distressed times, we are partnering with organizations reaching out to us on very lenient or no cost terms to help them continue service of their patients in the safety of their own homes by teletherapy.”

The opportunity of distant physical therapy is new to the market, but it’s already taking off.

Doctor of Physical Therapy and COO of TheraNow Ashok Gupta, “We have seen a demand in our services just in 3 weeks. Anyone who lets us know they are going through a financial hardship, case-by-case we are taking them in and we are offering that whole service for free, whether they have been in service or not.”

Gupta referred to TheraNow as the “Uber” of therapy services. Normally, a patient would have to come to a clinic to receive therapy, or a therapist would have to make a trip to the patient’s house. Theranow hopes to provide the solution to patients who are simply can’t make the drive.

“We just had a couple patients who had knee surgery two weeks ago, but because of the lockdown, they can’t get the services. We just had an ACL surgery out of California, and we had another patient with a meniscal surgery out of Pennsylvania,” says Gupta. “These patients are in lockdown because of the coronavirus. They can’t go, and some of the clinics aren’t open. They looked up our services, and we are actually treating them by connecting them to the therapist in their own state. But all the services are delivered online.”

Theranow is a flexible platform, so it can be used on any device, like a mobile application, or a web program. Dr. Gupta clarified that the it’s not just video conferencing, and that there is a library of various programs and videos that can be selected based on the patient’s need.

“What we have developed is a proprietary way of doing an online assessment, from shoulder pain to getting down to the specifics; what possible structures could be actually creating that pain,” said Gupta. “Based on that, we educate the patient, so we have created a huge content library for the therapists to actually do a live education at the same time.”

According to Dr. Bains, the therapist creates a program for their patient, and then monitor the patient remotely and keep track of their account.

“The app reminds the patient when it’s time to exercise and reports compliance back to the therapist, who in a follow-up visits advances the therapeutic exercises appropriately.”

“Physical therapy is all about management of pain disorder by exercises,” said Gupta. “What we do is we create this program, and then push that program over to the patient’s account. We get them to do some of them in front of us, and then we give them a home exercise program through our app, so that they can do it on their own time until we meet again.”

After patients sign up for the service, they are able to see multiple providers who are licensed within their state and board certified, and they book their own appointment. The price is usually $70 per 30-minute session. Because of recent changes in telehealth laws and regulations for insurance coverage, many insurance providers cover TheraNow service, including Medicare.

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