U.S. facing a "cancer care crisis." In a new report by the Institute of Medicine, "Delivering High Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis," a panel of experts concluded the delivery of cancer care in the U.S. is facing a crisis. They list several possible factors: "a growing demand for such care, a shrinking oncology work force, rising costs of cancer care and the complexity of the disease and its treatment."

The report recommends ways to prevent the problems, which includes "strengthening clinicians' core competencies in caring for patients with cancer, shifting to team-based models of care, and communicating more effectively with patients."

Read the report at: http://bit.ly/15tGWhs.

Graphic anti-smoking campaign seems to be working. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week said the graphic anti-smoking advertising campaign is doing the job it intended to do. In a report published in The Lancet, the CDC found that 1.6 million people attempted to quit smoking and 100,000 succeeded after viewing the ads. The ads, which were first created in the spring of 2012, feature former smokers with graphic physical disabilities caused by smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and health officials say it shortens life by 10 years.




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