A fitness center in Tyler is hoping to change 100 lives in 100 days. It's a weight-loss competition that's about to get under way at XTC Fitness and Sports.

If you need to lose 25 pounds or more, this competition, that starts Sept. 23, might be just the motivation you need. The trainers at XTC Fitness and Sports say you won't have to go it alone. They'll be supporting you every step of the way.

Keri Ishmael puts her health and fitness in trainer Sam Brown's hands.

"I had four kids like back to back and I decided OK, I'm done having kids, it's time to do something and to keep up with them I needed to lose the weight," Ms. Ishmael said.

Ms. Ishmael's goal was to lose 30 pounds in about three months, very similar to how XTC's "Changing 100 Lives in 100 Days" is structured.

"When I first started I was out of breath and trying not to throw up, and now my stamina has gotten so much better," Ishmael said.

Several times a week, Brown puts Ms. Ishmael through a mix of exercises, including circuit training, cardio and weight lifting. Brown plans on a similar strategy for his team.

"It's a competition between all of us trainers to help all of these people basically get free training, help them get on the right path with nutrition and their workouts and help them lose as much weight as we can possibly in 100 days," said Brown, a trainer XTC Fitness & Sports.

The participants will come to XTC three times a week to meet with their trainer and team and then everybody comes together on Saturday to sweat it out at boot camp.

"We are going to work you, get you out of your comfort zone first, get you used to it and then we are going to work you harder and harder," Brown said.

The program worked for Ishmael. Instead of losing 30 pounds, she lost 60 in 100 days.

"I feel like a new person, and it's amazing," she said. "If you pick up a 60-pound weight and carry it around, you think, ‘Oh my gosh, I used to carry this around every day.'"

"It's my favorite part of my job," Brown said. "To see people where they started and where they are now."

Trainers believe if participants do the work, nutrition and workouts, at the end of this competition, 100 East Texans could be transformed from head to toe.