There is no one eating plan that is right for everyone. It is important for every child and every adult to develop their own healthful eating plan that is packed with tasty foods and  becomes a part of our daily routine. of March is National Nutrition Month, an annual nutrition education and…

Cooler months in Texas mean harvesting time for crops including cotton, corn and a Texas favorite… pecans! With pecans being eaten raw and as a part of many delicious recipes, pecan production has become a large industry in Texas.

I speak to many parents of teenagers who are concerned about their child’s behavior, such as cursing, lying, talking back and similar other defiant things. The parents would like a quick fix, yet often there are no easy solutions to these issues.

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After eating all those extra calories this holiday season, hitting the gym might not be the best way to pursue your weight loss goal. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains.

Experts say there's an "epidemic" of vaping among middle and high school students, and nothing seems to be stopping it. Now, some schools are looking for help from an untapped resource: their own students. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has the story.

No one helped Mary Robinson mourn the death of her father when she was 14. Today, she is making sure kids suffering a similar loss have the tools and support they need.

With so many types of water on the market, knowing which to buy can be difficult. CNN Health writer Jacqueline Howard helps breakdown the labels.