Police officers sprang from a black patrol van on a recent day, surrounding two men smoking crack on a gritty downtown block. The officers asked for ID and confiscated a homemade pipe fashioned from glass and surgical hose.

Children don’t always want to eat their vegetables, which can be stressful for parents. Next time you get in this dilemma with your child, make up a game at the dinner table to see who can come up with the funniest name for your vegetables. If you have a picky eater who won’t touch a plate w…

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Italy's rising populist movement is looking to challenge mandatory vaccines for school children and threatening to home school kids if necessary. CNN's Nina Dos Santos speaks to parents in Italy, on both sides of the debate.

After Paul Clifton Jr. and Teaira Shorter were arrested and put in jail, they fell ill. One made it out alive. The other didn't. Read the full investigation by CNN investigative reporters Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken.

Nurses Kelly Brumley and Crystal Tucker, and dental assistant Jeanien Maese talk about their experiences working for Correct Care Solutions, now Wellpath. CNN spoke to more than 50 current and former Wellpath employees, the vast majority of whom said the company has provided substandard medi…

It’s said that a positive attitude is essential to health and wellness. Keeping a positive attitude in the face of great obstacles — tragedy, anger, violence, illness or hardship — is life’s toughest challenge. Hank Commodore has a simple, unfailing solution: Humble yourself with wisdom, and practice love and kindness to humankind.

Studies have shown that a morning cup of coffee could be good for you, when sipped in moderation. CNN Health Writer Jacqueline Howard shares how to brew your way to some health benefits.

One in five people suffers from a mental illness in a given year, yet most don't seek help. A program called "Mental Health First Aid" is training the public to recognize symptoms, learn what to say and get people the help they need.