TYLER (KYTX)-Headphones and traffic can be a dangerous combination. It's a talk many believe parents should be having with their children.

A twelve year old child was hit by a car in Tyler Monday night. Witnesses say he was wearing headphones and stepped into the middle of the road. While wearing headphones isn't illegal, officers and parents alike say it can be very dangerous.

"Being a mom means spending a lot of time with our children. Teaching them, training them, enjoying them," Mother of nine Susan Middleton said.

Part of that training is teaching right from wrong, safe from unsafe. One of those lessons from Middleton is about wearing headphones while outside.

"My older kids, if they are out riding, they aren't wearing headphones just because it is a distraction and you can't hear what's coming behind you and what's coming in front of you so I think it's better for them not to be wearing them at all," Middleton said.

It was a distraction Monday for the boy hit by a car who is still in the hospital. Last week, a Jacksonville man was killed after walking in front of a train while he wore headphones. Tyler Police Officer Don Martin warns against wearing ear buds.

"If you take part of your senses away from you which is your hearing because you have headphones on, and people tend to turn them up pretty loud today, therefore you're not going to hear anything else," Martin said.

He recommends always being aware of your surroundings.

"Be careful, very careful and bottom line I would suggest not to do it, and parents should warn kids about the dangers of doing it," Martin said.

Middleton agrees.

"Yes it's something I would not want them doing outside when they are outside and need to be aware of their surroundings

Martin also warns against wearing headphones while driving. He says it can prevent you from hearing a horn or siren.

If you do choose to wear headphones while outside, put one ear bud in and leave the other one out. Keeping the volume low also helps.


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