It was December 2013 when we first introduced you to a group of siblings in East Texas waiting for a forever family. Chris, Kiley, Cassidy and Kalob had one wish - to be adopted together. After almost three years in foster care, they wondered if that wish would ever come true. Just a few weeks ago, it did!

One by one, they all filed into the Rusk County Courthouse with their new mom and dad to officially become a family.

"It means that I'm going to finally have someone who's always going to be there for me and help me through life," 13-year-old Cassidy said.

"It was really fun getting adopted," 9-year-old Kalob said.

Kelly and Nathan, who don't want to use their last name to protect the children, decided to adopt after being unable to have children of their own. They say these brothers and sisters were a perfect fit for their family.

"Within 10 to 15 minutes of meeting them for the first time they were calling us mom and dad, and it just felt right," Kelly said.

I asked Nathan how long it took him to fall head over heels for these children.

"About 10 minutes," he declared with a big smile. "It was pretty easy to love them. Everybody loves them!"

This group of siblings says Kelly and Nathan were a perfect fit for them, too, sharing many of the same interests.

"Mom and Dad are both easygoing, laid back and fun," said Chris, now 16 years old. "It's one of the best things that's happened to me."

"I love them. They are everything I could have asked for, but better," said Kiley, 14.

"I'm just really, really happy," Cassidy said.

Nathan and Kelly acknowledged that life has changed a lot going from just two people in their house to six instantly, but said it's been a blessing.

"Definitely for the better," Nathan said. "Every day you know you are coming home to excitement of some sort, and it's just been great."

"We are doing sports and all the different school activities, and so we are out of the house a lot," Kelly said.

And the changes for the children have been immeasureable.

"I can actually act normal now," Kiley said. "I don't have that big secret to hide anymore. Like I could tell anyone that I used to be a foster kid now, but I was embarrassed and nervous to say it before."

"I love my mom and dad," Kalob said, smiling from ear to ear.

And as the oldest of the group, Chris is content now that he knows life will get better for all of them.

"We'll actually have a stable environment," he said, relieved.

While this East Texas couple has greatly impacted the future of these four siblings, they say their lives have been impacted, too.

"They mean the world to me," said Nathan, with tears welling up in his eyes. "I just want to say thanks to them for being part of our family."


To learn more about this family and children waiting to be adopted, join Gillian Sheridan for her Children are a Gift report Tuesday night on CBS 19 News at 6. You also can find information on or by emailing To inquire about foster care or adoption, call 903-533-4109.

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