Yes, the end of summer heralds the start of many community theater seasons. What does that mean for local actors? Well, you have to be prepared for auditions.

Most of our community theaters rely on cold readings of scenes within the play they are producing. For actors who are intending to audition, they can research the play either online or at the local library to see — if they are not familiar with the content and characters —how the play reads. Most community theatres produce plays that are readily available.



When you audition for a role, there are a few points to consider.

1. Do not use your "I'm acting voice." Be yourself.

2. Do not try to read the stage directions while cold reading the script. In fact, when I audition actors, I make copies of the scenes —called "sides" — that are to be read and mark out all stage direction. They are a distraction to any actor.

3. Project! We need to hear you.

4. Do not wear a costume piece of your own creation. A director has a vision for the play, and it is not yours.

5. Unless you are performing a monologue, do not audition to the director. There are other characters in the scene. We need to see how you relate to them. Directors are rarely on stage with the other actors.

Community theaters are not the only places that hold auditions or casting calls.

If you are passionate about pursuing an acting career, albeit on stage or on screen, you need to have a portfolio of monologues. Two comedic, two dramatic, two commercials and two short scenes, is the minimum you need.

Where do you find this material? There are plenty of sites on the internet, and books of monologues are available at major book retailers.

Of course it will behoove any actor worth their salt to attend classes on how to present his or her audition pieces.

PEX Theatre 20 offers classes to all ages on audition preparation, from choosing an appropriate piece to constructive criticism given by seasoned theatre/film personnel. To find out more about the classes offered, please visit our website at You will also find on the same website, a community calendar that lists all productions and audition dates for theatres within a 50 mile radius of Tyler, plus notices of open casting calls for the many film companies that are drawn to this area.

Every actor needs to excercise his or her skill. Don't just wallow in rejection, instead take a class or a workshop. Never stop learning. Learn enough so that you can do good theatre.

See you at auditions!isit any Taylor Heard concert and you will immediately know why this little lady is a Rising Star now being embraced by Nashville, Tenn.




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