Favorite shrubs of the IDEA Garden


Punica granatum, "Nana" or dwarf pomegranate is one of our very favorite shrubs in the IDEA Garden.

Evergreen in warmer years, deciduous in colder years, dying back to the ground in the coldest years, dwarf pomegranate always gives us a bright show from spring right into winter. If you go to our garden today, you will see it blooming — its bright orange flowers right beside its dwarf fruit.

Dwarf pomegranate is not for eating. The small fruits contain nothing much more than very sour seeds. They are strictly ornamental and the little shrub takes its job very seriously. Once the orange blooms begin in spring, the shrub is never without them. Plus, after a short while, the little fruit begins to form. From then on it is covered with brilliant orange flowers, accompanied with pretty little orange pomegranates until a very hard freeze stops it.

There are several varieties of dwarf pomegranate. Our "Nana" is the most common and the hardiest. It will grow 6 feet or more tall or it can be raised as a bush. If you prefer a shrub, just whack it back to half in late winter. You could probably trim up the lower branches and make a small tree. Ours is fence height or a little more.

You would be hard pressed to find a shrub that offers more bang for your buck than dwarf pomegranate. Color all year, most years.


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