WHO: Debbie Townsend, Hawkins

WHAT: “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA),” by Napoleon Hill

WHY: The first time I read this book I was going through one of the first of what would be many “grownup” challenges. Applying the ideas put forth by this author and his co-writer catapulted my life in a forward and upward direction I couldn’t have imagined before. Looking back over the past 30 years, I can see the premise is true. I am always what I make up my mind to be. This book is on my annual read list.


WHO: Lorri Allen, KYTX CBS19 news director

WHAT: Darrell Vaughter, my dad

WHY: In 2009, my dad earned his master’s degree, almost 55 years to the day after he earned his undergraduate degree. He finished with a 4.0 grade-point average, but he worked for it. Then he taught history in a public high school for three years. I know he was a role model for those teenagers like he has always been for me. In fact, he inspired me to get my master’s degree. I graduated in May. Now Dad says he’s going to get a doctorate and wants me to get one, too.


WHO: Courtney Friedman, KYTX CBS19 reporter

WHAT: Classical music

WHY: Sometimes when the world gets loud and life gets crazy, I sit down and turn on some classical music. My mom used to tell me THAT listening to Beethoven and Bach would make me smarter. I don't know if THAT'S true, but it definitely clears my mind.


WHO: Patty Francis, Holly Lake

WHAT: Exercise

WHY: Physical exercise gets the blood flowing, and I feel sharper mentally and have more energy afterward.


WHO: Terri Cheatham, Lindale

WHAT: Pleasant Surprises

WHY: I love things that pleasantly surprise me. When I do art, I surprise myself: “Oh my gosh! I did that!” It's the same with yoga, too, as it always leaves me in a higher spirit and feeling restored, even when I was tired or reluctant. I also love it when my husband surprises me by cleaning up the kitchen.


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