WHO: K'Lin Noble, Tyler

WHAT: Eggs

WHY: Eggs right from the hen house. So good. Almost indulgent.



WHO: Scott M. Lieberman, Tyler

WHAT: Albert Einstein

WHY: Einstein showed that with only his mind, greater understanding of the nature of the universe was possible.



WHO: Paige Stevenson Dyer, Tyler

WHAT: "How Great Thou Art," sung by Elvis

WHY: The power of his voice and the message of the song automatically puts me in a moment of worship, no matter where I am.



WHO: Courtney Friedman, Tyler

WHICH: Help from a Good Samaritan

WHY: When my car broke down last month, an older man came over to me. He laid down on the ground in what I can only assume were his church clothes and fixed my car for me. When I asked what I could give him in return, he said, "Nothing ma'am, just pay it forward." So thankful for the kindness of strangers.



WHO: Susan Seaberry Wells, Tyler

WHAT: Early morning

WHY: There is nothing like waking up first, quietly starting the coffee and sneaking out to get the newspaper before dawn The street is quiet. When I look into the sky, I can see the moon disappearing and the sun slowly coming up. I grab my coffee in the perfect mug, turn on the television and leave it on mute.

Then I settle down at the kitchen table with resting puppies at my feet and sleeping husband and child down the hall And with the first sip of coffee, I open the newspaper and feel the newsprint in my hand, and now the perfect day can begin.

There really is nothing like reading the paper first. My grandfather never allowed anyone to read it before him except for me. Now I have to be first to turn the pages.

It is what makes me happy.







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