I sure do love these boys! Dinner with my loves!

Melanie Melton Thibodeaux, Tyler



Huge kudos to one of our members, Adam Wooldridge, for paying it forward this morning. On his way to work a lady had a blow out. She was heading to Austin to visit her son. No one would stop besides Adam. Taking time out of his morning, he didn't hesitate to pull over and help her on her way! Great job, Adam! Tyler Jaycees paying it forward!

Tyler Jaycees



A huge "thank you" goes out to Jameson Adams, Jeffrey Williford and the UT Tyler Athletic Department for hosting Goodwill Industries of East Texas' clients and staff at their women's soccer game last week. So many of the individuals Goodwill serves had never been to a tailgate or a college game, and they had a blast meeting "Swoop," wearing their new UT T-shirts, and, best of all, being the loudest and liveliest cheerleaders for the home team! " Talons Up" Patriots! You now have a new group of dedicated fans!

Marcia Floyd, Tyler



A big thank you to Headmaster Randal Brown and Lower School Headmaster Gloria Zapalac and their team at All Saints Episcopal School. Thank you for everything you all have done to prepare so my child Caroline Wells, and every other child, will have an incredible year of learning. Lea Holland, thank your everything you did to prepare all those third- and fourth-graders. Mrs. Borgeson, here's wishing you your best year in the classroom ever! We can't wait!

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wells



Wow! Jennifer Browning Pierce just showed up with cake! And a really cute delivery guy. What a sweet friend!

Zoe Elizabeth Lawhorn



Had such a fun time visiting with my sister, Rebecca Random-Case, aka "Becky" or "Becca," depending on her mood! Becs, your house is beautiful! Love it!

Staci Brown Glick, Tyler native



A Shout Out to Dr. Joe Valdez, nurses Lynn, Janet, Veronica and receptionist Joi, and the other staff members of the Trinity Mother Francis Wound Clinic. They are an incredible group of people who are always compassionate, efficient, and cheerful, making everyone smile no matter how they are hurting. Their job is a tough one and a big Thank You for your caring, great work!

Nancy McKean






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