Lou Holtz, the legendary Notre Dame football coach, is also a legendary goal setter.

In 1966, Lou was 28 years old and had been hired as assistant coach at the University of South Carolina. His wife, Beth, was pregnant with their third child, and Lou had just put their last savings on a down payment on their house. The head coach resigned, and Lou lost his job, too.

His wife bought a book, "The Magic of Thinking Big," by David Schwartz, in an effort to cheer Lou's spirits. This book talked about creating the list of goals you want in your life. Lou did just that. His list had 107 goals he wanted to achieve before he died.

Some of these goals were career-oriented or hobby-oriented, but others were dreams that some might have said were impossible to achieve. Goals such as dinner at the White House, meeting the pope and coaching at Notre Dame were on the list. So far, Lou has achieved more than 80 of these goals, including shooting a hole in one — not once but twice! (This story was provided to Jack Canfield and appears in "The Success Principles.")

I have a bucket list, do you?

After attending a workshop, I was encouraged to start a list of goals. I hadn't officially created a bucket list until I reached my late 40s. I am, however, recommending that you not wait that long. Start that list today!

Since we are each so unique, your bucket list is unique to you. It is composed of your dreams!

For example, I would like to stay overnight in the desert in a Bedouin tent. Of course, it would be comfortable and dramatic. To some people that idea would be completely crazy.

Some other examples that might appear on your list would be to conduct a symphony, fly an airplane or kick the extra point at a football game. It can be totally off-the-wall crazy, but write it down. Allow time to think with no limitations.

It is your dream and really doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you. And by the way, don't listen to the little voice inside that wants to stop you from putting this dream down on the list. IGNORE THIS VOICE!!

As a young singer, I have always wanted to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In my opinion, one cannot get any higher in the performing world than that stage. Well, my dream is coming true Monday. The Green Acres Baptist Church Choir along with other choirs nationwide will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Can you believe it?

It's on my bucket list! Joyce Buford is singing on the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City. Who would have thought it could come true? What a great gift!

As part of my workshops, I ask my participants to create this list. Take those dreams and actually list them on paper. Occasionally, visualize yourself actually doing the dream, take some action toward the dream and relax in the belief that it will happen.

In my case, I love singing, so taking the action to participate in the choir was an important part of being in the right spot for the action to take place.

This process is often referred to as the Law of Attraction, which is fully explained in the book "The Secret."

We have all had examples of the Law of Attraction happen in our lives. For example, one day you are thinking of an old friend … remembering the fun you had together. Then, surprise! In a few weeks you receive a call from your friend. WOW! How did that happen?

Life is about receiving. This is a powerful way to put your dreams out there, and with some action on your part, you will receive. Life can be so full.

Joyce Buford is a life coach and founder and CEO of SecondWind Speaking, Training, and Coaching.





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