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With the recent events related to the coronavirus, you may find yourself still in shock and disbelief. Trust me, I am right there with you. While caring for my mother-in-law, whom we all call “Momma Kay,” she looked at me from her hospital bed in my home, whispering in her frail voice, “Don’t look so serious.”

I thought about it. How right she is, and what great advice she can give from her perspective. If she can keep a positive attitude, then I think I can do the same. The question is, though, how do you do that? So, over these days and few weeks, you and your families will have to be very creative on how to keep yourself from being absorbed in all that is going on. Don’t get me wrong; educate yourself and keep up with the latest to keep yourself and families safe. But like Momma Kay says, “Don’t look so serious.” Keep a handle on your thoughts. When you feel that sense of worry or panic, get outside and just walk around your house or your office. Go dig in your yard or clean out your flower beds. If organization is what you need, then plan for those areas in your house and get busy. If you have little ones in the home, enlist their help.

Take some deep breaths and just tell yourself, that this, too, shall pass, and most importantly, believe it! There is so much that we can do to keep a positive outlook!

For more information, contact me, Claudann Jones, Smith County Extension agent for family and community health, at 903-590-2980 or email at Like our Facebook page: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Smith County.

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