I was trying to make up my mind what to order when a flight attendant came up behind me with a somewhat frantic look on her face.

She asked if I was in line, and I could tell by the urgency in her voice she was running late. I told her to go ahead of me.

That made me feel good.

She ordered the most wonderful breakfast sandwich, and I immediately knew what I wanted.

I stepped up to the register and ordered exactly what she ordered, only to be told they stop taking breakfast orders at straight

up 10 a.m.


Without thinking, as I too often do, I said, “I guess that’s what I get for being nice.”

At this point the flight attendant tried to give me her breakfast because she felt bad.


That made me feel bad.

I said, “Don’t worry about it. That just means there is a special surprise in store for me somewhere today.”

I ordered a bagel and cream cheese.

The flight attendant got her order, hugged me, thanked me profusely and rushed off.

The girl behind the counter, as she handed me my bagel and cream cheese, said, “There’s a breakfast sandwich in there for you, too.”

It was amazing, including avocado, for which they charge extra.


Told you!

Karma isn’t of and by itself good or bad.

Karma is a return on investment.

The kindness the universe will do through me honors the kindness the universe will do through you.


Debbie Lee Townsend is a Hawkins resident and frequent YES! contributor. YES! column submissions may be sent to yes@tylerpaper.com.


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