East Texan brings floral ideas to life in new book

Clint Smith Photo by Ben Rose www.BenRosePhotography.com

East Texas native Clint Smith put his passion of nature and floral design to work in his new book, "Veranda: The Romance of Flowers." Born in Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler, Smith was taken home on Christmas day to his home in Henderson, where he grew up with his parents.

"I was brought home on Christmas day, so I was their Christmas present," Smith said, adding he graduated from Henderson High School.

During Smith's adolescent years, he showed interest in both sets of his grandparent's gardens. He enjoyed being outside in the dirt and planted trees from seeds. Smith attended Kilgore College after high school, and finished his bachelor's degree in journalism at Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi. Smith moved to Atlanta for a short time to be the editorial director of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and then made his big move to New York in September 2013 to take over as the editor-in-chief for Veranda Magazine. Veranda Magazine is an interior design publication that emphasizes on home decoration, living well and architecture.

"I want people to come away inspired and look at flowers in a new way after reading the book," said Smith. "People seem so intimidated by flowers and think they are doing it wrong but there truly is no right or wrong way."

Smith admits some of his most favorite looks include greenery in the home, not necessarily always flowers in a vase.

"One of my favorites is using magnolia branches and greenery in the home," Smith said, adding he hopes readers will put together something different than the norm and get inspiration from the book.

Smith has traveled to promote his book, and was in Houston recently for a book signing. The book can be found online on Amazon or the Barnes and Noble website.

"I hope to make it to Tyler for a book signing in the spring or summer," Smith said, adding he misses the warmth of the south.

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