Local artists were hard at work Wednesday, continuing the meticulous process of filling in their designs on the pillars of the Gentry Parkway overpass near Fannin Street north of downtown Tyler.

The project, the Highway 80 Tyler Art Enrichment Program, has adopted six of the bridge support pillars in an area which houses weekly services by the local Church Under A Bridge ministry in Tyler. Members of the local homeless community have been invited to take part in the project and six area artists - one for each of the pillars - has created a design of a spiritual or faith-based nature to beautify

the area.

One of the artists/designers, Kerian Massey, decided Wednesday to modify her original design in the wake of the attacks over the weekend in Paris as well as other, similar incidents in other locations around the world in recent weeks. She added the words, "Je Suis Paris," which translates as "I Am Paris," to a section of her design. Similar messages noting additional attacks and remembering the victims in Kenya, Beirut and other places around the world also became a part of the design.

Ms. Massey said, once the original design is painted and filled in, she plans to reinscribe her memorials to become permanent parts of the arts.

On Tuesday, the DeWitt Masonic Lodge will host a meal under the bridge on Valentine Street. on November 24. Serving will start at 10 a.m. and continue until supplies run out.

- Andrew D. Brosig

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