More than a decade ago, in February 2004, Susan Webber, of Bullard, lost her engagement ring. As she sat in her husband Don Welling's 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and touched up her makeup before a job interview with Cumberland Academy, she noticed lint on her jacket and went to brush it away. When she did so, her engagement ring flew off, ricocheted off the windshield "like a pin-ball machine" and went clinking down the vent behind the dash.

"We were born and raised in a little town south of Odessa, McCamey," Welling said. "We lived a block from one another growing up, went to the same school, sat together in church."

"He got me in trouble," Mrs. Webber said.

Welling insisted it was the other way around.

When she got home and told her husband, he didn't want to take the dash apart to find the ring. He was worried that it would create a permanent rattle.

When the time came to sell the truck, two years ago, they had both forgotten about the ring until it was too late. The de la Garza's, four brothers from Jacksonville, bought the truck for their father who lived outside of Mexico City.

"I had forgotten about the ring, she asked me when I got home if I had remembered to tell them," Welling said.

About 11 years later, Welling called and told Mrs. Webber that he had a surprise for her.

That night after work, Welling said he dropped to one knee and professed his love for his wife, telling her he was glad they got married.

"He said, ‘Susan I love you and I would marry you again, here's your ring,'" Mrs. Webber said.

He then presented her with the long lost engagement ring.

According to Mr. de la Garza, his father was having the clutch replaced on the Silverado when the mechanic found the ring on the transmission. It had worked its way through the vents, under the carpet and onto the transmission. The mechanic gave it to the father, who sent it to his daughter-in-law. After giving it to her husband, de la Garza came to Welling's work and presented him with the ring.

"It made it from the shop to the owner of the mechanic's shop to the father to his daughter-in-law to me," Welling said. "I was shocked at the honesty. All the way from another country, it came back to me."

Mrs. Webber said she was shocked at the turn of events and they are both extremely grateful to the de la Garza family of Jacksonville.

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