Family Matters: Smart moms find great deals at the CCC Sale


I’m a huge fan of garage sales. In the early years of our marriage, when we were living on a shoestring budget, I bought stuff secondhand as a matter of necessity. Thanks to garage sales, I was able to furnish our house, clothe our children and build our library for cents on the dollar.

Even now that finances aren’t so tight, I still love buying new-to-me stuff at rock-bottom prices.

The only difference is that, nowadays, I don’t spend every spare weekend hunting garage sales.

Instead, I do all my second-hand shopping just twice a year – fall and spring – at the CCC Sale.

CCC stands for Children’s Clothing Consignment, but don’t let the name fool you. There is much more to be found at this sale than gently-used clothes for kids. Some of my favorite things to shop for at CCC include:

FURNITURE & HOME DECOR: I’ve bought a lot of beautiful framed art, table lamps, side chairs, and decorative pieces at this sale over the years, but they normally have a nice selection of beds, dressers, desks, bookshelves, end tables and accent pieces to choose from, as well.

CRAFT SUPPLIES: Every sale, I stock up on art supplies and craft kits that other people bought but never got around to using. Not only do these supplies fuel my family’s creativity, but they also earn my children lots of ribbons at the East Texas State Fair.

COSTUMES – My little ones love to dress up. Thanks to CCC, we have a closet full of superhero capes, Spidey suits and Disney princess dresses to choose from when they do.

TOYS & GAMES – With the holidays right around the corner, CCC helps me knock out my Christmas shopping in short order. In years past, I’ve bought American Girl dolls, Legos, Little People, Lincoln Logs and countless other classic toys that have wound up wrapped and under our tree.

BOOKS & DVDs – I almost always find at least a few titles in this section I can’t resist. I’ve even snagged unused workbooks and other curriculum to use in homeschooling.

If you’re in the market for maternity clothes, baby equipment, bed linens, sporting goods, storage containers, holiday decorations, shoes, boots, purses or bags, CCC is a great place to shop for those items, as well.

And, of course, CCC also sells children’s clothes. They have racks upon racks of high quality, brand name items that were outgrown so fast they barely look worn. Why pay retail when you don’t have to?

The Fall CCC Sale is going on now at Harvey Convention Center in Tyler. Admission is free. Doors open to the public at 9 a.m. daily, Sept. 15 through 17, ending with a half-price sale on Saturday. Anything not sold or reclaimed by the end of the sale is donated to local charities, such as Living Alternatives and Salvation Army, spreading the blessings even further. For more information, visit

Like all CCC volunteers and sellers, Jennifer Flanders enjoys early shopping privileges, but you can usually find her shopping the sale on Saturday, as well. Half-price day is hard to beat!


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