Pro-life bill leads to unlikely realization

Rebecca Hoeffner

For the last two weeks, the nation has been watching with some interest the effects of Sen. Wendy Davis' filibuster of a bill that would limit abortions.

Let's just say, the dialogue at times has been less than pleasant.

Then I ran across something that sparked my interest.

Nonprofit Pro -life organization Online for Life created a website — get this — to thank Senator Davis.

When I read the headline on the Religion News Service, I did a double-take. A pro-life organization is thanking the woman who stopped legislation that would limit access to abortions?

The website is called

They weren't thanking her for her filibuster of course. No, the group is thanking her for being a single mother at 19.

"Wendy's life serves as an example to women across the country facing an unplanned pregnancy and the possibility of single motherhood," reads the website. "Through her story we are reminded that, even in times of uncertainty and challenge, women can raise children and be wonderful examples of success."

This is one of the more creative stances I've seen. Isn't it much better than screaming at one another?

When a person's label is all we look at — pro-choice, pro-life, Republican, Democrat — we choose not to see the whole person.

In every group, there is a diversity of beliefs. But instead of asking people why they believe what they believe, we so often resort to calling them murderers or misogynists.

Didn't Jesus always see the whole person? I can't think of one instance where His yelling at someone made them change their stance on an issue.

Was that because He knew us well enough to know that wouldn't work?

Wendy Davis chose not to have an abortion even though she supports making them available. How many of us stop and ponder why that is? What went through her mind when she decided against it? Is she really fighting for the reasons some assume she's fighting?

Many people are saying this is a turning point in Texas; that this event will make the state more divided than it has been before. It doesn't have to be that way.

Hopefully, the heart of the people will be turned to produce reactions like the one from Online For Life: instead of focusing on what divides us, let's rejoice over what unites us.

With that attitude, would it be more likely to disarm and win the hearts of those with whom we disagree?





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