Face to Faith

Members of Face to Faith are from left, Austin Tant, Jordan Rhodes, Briana Dear, Connor Laney and Krista Rhodes. (Courtesy) 

When Jordan Rhodes became youth minister at First Baptist Church of Omen a few years ago, he had to find a way to bring the message of God and the teachings of Christ to a new generation. 

The challenge was finding how to connect with teens whose lives are filled with distractions. Rhodes quickly realized one thing he had in common with the youth was a love of music.

First Baptist Church Omen already had a praise band so the youth in the congregation were used to receiving God's good news with vocals and a beat.

Rhodes and his wife, Krista, who are both singers, decided to combine their talents with those of teens. The result is Face to Faith, a band that performs contemporary Christian music. 

Face to Faith is made up of the Rhodes on lead vocals, 18-year-old Connor Laney on lead guitar, 17-year-old Briana Dear on bass guitar and 18-year-old Austin Tant on drums.

Laney is a student of Larry Stanley, an accomplished guitarist who has performed with Mo Bandy and Conway Twitty and the East Texas Jazz Orchestra.

Tant had experience as a drummer. His father is the drummer for First Baptist Church of Omen's praise band.

However, playing bass guitar was new to Dear. Rhodes said she picked it up very quickly.

Face to Faith began playing at the congregation's Wednesday night worship service and then as guest performers at praise-and-worship events in the area, including the Bliss & Fire International Christian Conference & Expo in Dallas; Fields of Faith, a large youth rally in Arp hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; and a worship conference in Vivian, Louisiana.

"We started young, years ago, learning the simplest of songs, and God has taken these kids, as well and my wife and I, and put our music ministry in places we never thought we'd go," Jordan Rhodes posted on the band's facebook page. 

This year, Face to Faith released "Unto Every Nation," a collection of five original songs, which is available on Spotify, iTunes and other digital musical services. 

Rhodes said  "Unto Every Nation" is made up of songs with lyrics taken from or inspired by the Bible. 

"'Amazing Love' (one of the songs) is about how God shares his love in profound ways," Rhodes said. 

In "All I Need," they share that God's love is all that people need to overcome the challenges of life. 

Dear is excited that their music is bringing people closer to God.

"We are all supposed to spread the word of God," she said. "Our way is to do it musically. ... When we are playing and kids start coming down to pray, that's what makes me feel good. That's what this is about."


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