4 extraordinarily bonded siblings need forever family

Gillian Sheridan gsheridan@cbs19.tv

Most siblings are close, but there is a group of children in foster care in East Texas who are extraordinarily bonded to each other.

"These kids are all about being a family," Keith Loper, their CASA volunteer, said. "They are one of the neatest sibling groups I have ever worked with."

Christopher is the big brother. He's 14 years old, very athletic, polite and well-mannered.

"I like hunting, fishing, football and basketball," Christopher said. "I also like being out in the woods and just outside. School is going great. I have a lot of friends and great teachers."

Loper said Christopher is one of the most loyal and respectable young men he's ever met.

"The thing about Christopher is he is very mature," Loper said. "He's very serious about things. When he dedicates himself to do something, he follows through, but he's got that fun-loving side as well. He's just a very, very good kid."

Next is 12-year-old Kiley. She is helpful, always tries to do her best and sets good boundaries for herself.

"I like cheerleading and football," Kiley said. "I love school. I was on the A/B honor roll last year."

"Kiley is smart, fun-loving and loves to do anything with anybody," Loper said. "She loves the attention and that one-on-one time."

Cassidy is the youngest sister.

"I like to do crafts and go outside and play," she said.

Cassidy is described as a silly, fun and happy 11-year-old who enjoys animals — especially giraffes, "cause I like how tall they are," she said with a laugh.

"She's great in school and loves to learn and loves to be around peers," Loper said.

The youngest of the group is 7-year-old Kalob. He's a playful boy who likes to know he's loved.

"If I sit down on the couch, he will scoot right up next to me," Loper said.

Kalob enjoys being creative.

"I like coloring, drawing, board games, and my brother lets me play with his Legos," Kalob said.

While these siblings have different interests, they all feel the same about staying together.

"I can't stand being without my siblings," Kiley said.

"Because we love each other," Cassidy added.

"We get along and stuff," Christopher said.

And Kalob said, "I would be sad to not see them anymore."

These children need a family willing to accept them for who they are and encourage them to experience life and all it has to offer.

"We would bring a family joy," Christopher said.

"I can't say enough great things about these kids," Loper said.


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