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Siblings want forever family together By Gillian Sheridan

Siblings usually have a close bond, but there is a brother and sister in east Texas who have an exceptional bond. Sadly, they are separated right now in foster care. Cruz and Mikaela, or Micky as he calls her, look forward to their monthly visits. While apart, they keep pictures of each other close. "Every time I look at it i cry cause I miss him and it's been a while since I've seen him," said Mikaela. Cruz quickly noted, "I would let nothing hurt Mickey." "When I was little and getting picked on and bullied he would always stick up for me. That's why I love him," added Mikaela. That loves shine bright when they are together. While Cruz is an exceptional big brother, he is also an exceptional student. "I've been an AB honor roll student for as long as I can remember," he said proudly. "Cruz is intelligent. He's perceptive. He's inquisitive. He speaks far beyond his years many times. Many say he's 12 going on 30," remarked Rhonda Sabri, his caseworker with Child Protective Services. This charismatic young man enjoys video games, puzzles and exploring. "I like to take apart some technology and put it back together because I like to see how things work."

He's also intrigued by opening locks. "I have a collection of keys. I love keys and I want to be a lock smith," he said excitedly. Mikaela also has a collection. Hers is stuffed animals. "I have a bunch. I have a big giant pig and a small pig. I love giraffes. One of the things that I like about them is they have really strong tongues," explained Mikaela with a smile. She needs guidance with school work and her brother helps when he can. "Sometimes when we are together we will read. He'll help me read because I don't know how to read." This 9-year-old enjoys swimming, country music and gets along well with others. Her foster dad, Jay Rohus, says she's a joy to have around. "She's a sweet little girl. She has a great personality. She loves her brother dearly and he loves her dearly." Cruz and Mikaela have been in foster care almost two years. "Foster care has been great. I've been treated great not like how they treated me at my house," Cruz announced. Both are in counseling to deal with their past and making great progress. But there is nothing more important to this brother and sister than to share their lives together. "Cause every day Micky motivates my life. I feel like she's what kept me going. To see her again it means everything to me," declared Cruz as he looked his sister. "No matter what happens, he will always be there for me and he loves me for who I am," replied Mikaela. And hopefully a forever family will soon love them both for who they are and encourage them for what they will become. To learn more about Cruz and Mikaela, join Gillian Sheridan for her "Children are a Gift" report next Tuesday night on CBS19 News at 6. You can also get information on east Texas children waiting for a forever family by going to, call 903-655-6211 or email

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