Sometimes simple deeds have a great impact. When done with loving hands, they're actually not that simple. At least that's the sentiment of the agencies that received blankets from seniors who live in a local assisted living center.

Hospice of East Texas volunteers came up with the idea as a way to keep residents active.

Last year, volunteers passed out 235 blankets to The Salvation Army and The Hospice of East Texas as part of a children's bereavement program. Last week, 12 women presented 90 blankets to the agencies.

"We truly believe that we do have one hand to receive things," said Kaye Milligan, a volunteer with Hospice of East Texas. "We have the other to give. To these ladies, that is a huge, huge thing. This is important to all of us."

Wanda Sue Stone has been a resident at Meadow Lake, an assisted living community, for about a year. She previously suffered a fall. After being helped by a community of caretakers and volunteers, she's now helping others.

"It's just a good way to show kindness to others and we all enjoy visiting with each other while we're doing it," Ms. Stone said. "Its a very fulfilling way of expressing your love to others."

Volunteers chose to give blankets to The Salvation Army because of the work it does in the community.

"They bring so much comfort and kindness and love and professionalism and we cherish them for that," Ms. Milligan said.

Vicki Harvey, director of community outreach and development at The Hospice of East Texas, said it was important to remind seniors that they could still be of service to others.

"They're just not done yet," she said. "They were looking for projects. They looked for something that might be easy but also have some impact."

Ms. Milligan also noted that as the women worked on blankets on Saturday mornings, they became a little closer.

"It's a win-win situation in the fact that the assistant living residents now have closer camaraderie and Hospice is able to provide an extra service to those families and individuals that they serve," she said. "It's pure love. We're happy that we could do what we do."





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