Spider lilies' flowers, foilage will turn heads

Courtesy Spider Lilies

Spider lilies are what they are called all across the South, and Tropical Giant is one of many that are native to the southern United States.

The beautiful but very delicate flowers are wonderful, but the tall, strap-like foliage makes a huge statement in a garden. We have two monster clumps of these beauties in the IDEA Garden. They have finished blooming, but we will have bulbs of it for sale at our Oct. 12 bulb sale. These are not easy to find so you need to come and grab some for your yard.

Spider lilies need a moist place to grow. Some grow in swamps, some in ditches. All need abundant water.

I once knew a lady who had a very dry hillside yard; so she dug out a 4-by-4-foot area and planted be­low grade so she could lay a hose in the bed, which held the water and gradually soaked the lilies.

Most of these lilies need fair drainage, not pure clay, so if your soil is shallow, maybe you can build a wall around an area to hold water until it can soak in deep.

Normal watering will do fine, however, if you have a well prepared bed.





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