Shrubby perennial Zexmenia long-blooming plant


Zexmenia is the Tyler Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas’ featured native plant for June in the Natives Instead of Common Exotics (NICE) program.

A member of the Asteraceae family, it can be found by three scientific names—Zexmenia hispida, Wedelia hispida and Wedelia acapulcensis.

According to information from the society, it is considered to be a shrubby perennial, but may die to the ground in cold winters, blooming from June until frost with little 1-inch orange-yellow daisies. It grows in the wild in fields and wooded borders from the Edwards Plateau to Mexico.

It may be eaten by deer, but is also visited by bees and butterflies. The plant can make a 2-foot bush when grown in full sun or be more reclining in dappled shade. It needs any kind of well-drained soil, and is very drought tolerant.

It is an easy, long-lived, long-blooming plant. The little daisies are good for cutting and drying.

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