Pentas give rich, vibrant color during hot summer


Summer brings lots of sunshine and heat, which many perennials frown upon, so we use lots of annuals that love sun and heat to provide our gardens with color.

Pentas are one of our all-time favorites. Just look at the rich and vibrant color and notice our tiny visitor who also saw this beautiful red blossom. Butterflies absolutely love pentas and are always flitting among the blooms.

Pentas come in several colors and sizes. We love the old-time tall red ones best of all, but use many other sizes and colors as well. Pentas are sometimes called Egyptian stars or just plain star flower.

They were once used as house plants and perform well in a good sunny window, providing their bright blooms in winter. I love planting them in containers on my deck to provide nectar for hummingbirds as well as butterflies. They are great plants and so easy to grow. Just give them good soil and full sun with enough water to keep them happy.

They will bloom gloriously until frost.




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