Josh Abbott Band will perform new music Thursday


Josh Abbott Band will be at Coach's & Cowboy's Thursday performing music from its new EP "Tuesday Night."

The first single, "Hangin' Around" is a feel-good song about a guy who thinks it would be cool to spend time with a special girl.

The EP marks the band's first work with producer Keith Stegall, who had country hits in the 1980s, and first release under a new label, Warner/Atlantic.

Austin Davis, the band's banjo player, said they had a great time recording "Tuesday Night" and everyone stepped up their game.

"It was the most fun, I've ever had in a recording experience," Austin said in a phone interview. "Sometimes it (recording) can be very stressful and all you want to do is get home.

"But Keith's whole mantra is ‘it's all going to be fine.' He made the whole process so comfortable."

Austin said that Stegall quickly put to rest their concerns about working with a new label and producer.

"They (record company executives) have just been fantastic. They said, ‘we love what you're doing and don't want to change your sound.'"

Austin said that Stegall brought out the best in the band. "Every single player (in the band) brought their A Game."

The result is that "Tuesday Night" has a vibe that reflects a more care-free time that many in the band enjoyed while attending Texas Tech University together.

"A lot of it (the music) is about reliving those college experiences we had," he said.


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