Blue daze a cool selection in contrast to Texas heat

Blue Daze (Evolvulus Glomeratus)

Summer brings heat and such bright sun that many things begin to look outright gaudy in the hot Texas sun. So we like to have some soothing cool colors to give the eyes a rest.

Blues, purples and greens are restful and calming, but true blue flowers are rare. When we find one that is blue and can take the heat of summer, we grab it.

Blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is one of our very favorites. Blue daze is very blue and loves all the heat and summer sun Texas can produce. Just give it a drink when it's thirsty and it will reward you all summer with these pretty little blue flowers.

Plant it at the front of the border or in pots since it grows low and spreads wide. Yes, blue daze is an annual, so you will have to plant it every year, but if you want a big bang for your buck, you won't be disappointed.

One of the prettiest pots I ever saw was a large pot filled with yellow bells and surrounded with blue daze. What a lovely combination!





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