Support your local live theater!

When you attend a live theatre performance in East Texas you are contributing to the cultural vibrancy of a city. This in turn attracts diverse and talented people to populate our communities, which leads to continued investment in a variety of live theater venues. Without this audience, we actors, directors, set builders and techs have nothing to show.

Most of us in the “theater scene” are volunteers — we do it because we love it. Love the camaraderie of meeting and working with creative people like us and the joy of taking words on a page and transforming them into a 3D performance on a stage. To share insights into character development and plot twists and to create an evening’s entertainment, that would be worthy anywhere.

For those of you who enjoy being a part of the theater, there is something for everyone in East Texas. There are year-round classes taught to all ages, summer camps for the younger thespians, summer musicals for those who sing and act. Shakespeare for all!

When I read on the Internet or in the local newspapers about all that East Texas theaters have to offer year-round, I am truly astounded. We have a vibrant, passionate community of thespians who will work on a small budget to accomplish this entertainment for you.

So why should you attend live theater? First, to support your family and friends, should they be a part of the production. Second, with your continued attendance, you keep your entertainment dollars in the community ensuring the continuation of the theater.

Because live theatre is not static, it is ever changing, from seeing the classics to learning from educational theater and discovering new works and talent. Last, — it’s fun!

Just look at this sampling of what is offered this summer:

Mineola — “ The Wizard of Oz”

Lindale — “Quilters — a musical”

Tyler — “Footloose,” “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged,” “Loesser + More,” “RENT — The Concert”

Kilgore — The Texas Shakespeare Festival

Athens — “Annie Get your Gun”

Plus summer theater camps are offered in every city.

If you think you may have missed a registration deadline for a theatre camp, APEX is offering the “last-chance” camp for young actors ages 7 and older, July 29 through August 2, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For more information on this camp, please go to the website

So, let’s put “bums in seats” as we say across the “pond” and support local live theaters!

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