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As a game master, do you kill PCs, or rather, do you allow them to die? At gaming conventions such as Gen Con, should all games be for all ages or do we need the age tiers we currently have? Caele and Shawn discuss this and more on this episode of GeekStorm Game Table!

Pop veteran Haddaway was due to perform with late rapper Coolio at a gig in Germany on Sunday (02.10.22) and he's decided to go ahead with the show by turning it into a tribute to his friend.

Selena Gomez has slammed the "vile and disgusting" abuse her fans have sent online after Hailey Beiber said they still target her because of her marriage to Justin Bieber.

Snoop Dogg once sold a "blunt" to raise $10,000 for Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller's Hilarity for Charity Alzheimer's fundraising initiative.