After winter, color coming back to gardens

COURTESY Snapdragons glow orange and yellow in the IDEA Garden

Finally, we have color — with lots of beautiful color in our gardens. This winter played havoc with our usually lovely plantings, but they are showing themselves now.

Just look at the orange area of our Rainbow Border in the IDEA Garden. The little snapdragons, all glowing orange and yellow, are shining brightly as are other colors in other areas. The gardens are really pretty now. The Heritage Garden is just beautiful with iris, phlox and a whole host of other spring flowers.

Snapdragons are always a staple in our gardens. We plant them in fall so they can put down a good root system before winter. And even if they get burned back by a hard freeze, they quickly re-grow and bloom with the first signs of spring.

Sometimes in warm winters, they bloom most of the winter and all spring. There are all sizes of snapdragons — from the very short spreading ones that are wonderful for hanging baskets, to the Rockets that soar to 4 feet high and sizes all in between.

Snapdragons require well-drained soil. They will not do well in heavy clay. If you have clay and want snaps, either build a bed on top of the ground, 6 to 8 inches high, or resort to pots, but please have some. They are so vibrant and rewarding after a cold and dreary winter.



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