Teens struggle to manage type 2 diabetes. According to a federally funded study, it is extremely difficult for teenagers to keep type 2 diabetes under control. Even a diabetes pill failed to keep blood sugar at safe levels in half of the teens in the study. More children are being diagnosed with diabetes as obesity rises. About 3,600 youth are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes annually.

Former Nutella fans spread on a lawsuit. The value in reading food labels and how food companies market products is highlighted again, as a class-action lawsuit targets Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, a brand of hazelnut spread. Advertisements depict the food as a wholesome product with “simple, quality ingredients like ha­zelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.” How­ever, the first two ingredients are sugar and modified palm oil.

Facebook wants people to share organs. It may be easy to find an organ donor on Facebook, that is, if the 900 million members share their organ donation status. Facebook, which teamed with Donate Life America, last week announced a new feature under the life events, then health and wellness menu. If unregistered, there is a link provided to sign up as an organ donor.

Millions of babies are born too soon. Preterm birth is a worldwide problem, with 15 million babies being born too soon each year. Here in the U.S., half a million are premature annually. It’s more prevalent in poor countries, making preterm births the second leading cause of death of children younger than 5.

An end to health care law may disrupt Medi­care. If the U.S. Supreme court upends the Affordable Care Act, it may freeze up the Medicare payment system, which has about 100 million monthly claims, according to The Associated Press.

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