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The fashion of the 1990s is well and truly back, and with it comes the return of skater style. From oversized graphic T-shirts to comfy sneakers, the apparel donned by skaters in the 1990s is on-trend once again.

Last year, we covered a few businesses closing during the pandemic, and the big surprise to us was the number of chains or big-box stores that called it a day in East Texas.

Patrick Mahomes is making us all proud. The Super Bowl MVP is the epitome of class. He gives others credit for his team's success. He is polite. He is respectful. Somehow he remains cool, calm and collected when he should be falling apart. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, with gifts to buy, crowded shopping centers, back-to-back diet-busting parties, and loads of family obligations, it may not feel so wonderful at times.