Churches in East Texas experienced a historic Easter Sunday.

One thing you normally don’t see during a church service is the use of cellphones. However on Sunday, that was one of the safest ways to social distance, as congregations texted the hymns and even links to the scripture in the Bible.

Some people printed them out. The younger generation is coming up with a new BYOB, “Bring Your Own Bible.” One college student said her grandmother used her own Bible but she always grabbed one from the pew. Now, she is using a Bible she received as a child and is using it to stay safe and take notes in it.

With a stay-at-home order in place, many services were held virtually by way of Facebook live or other streaming services. Worship bands and choirs were trimmed down to only a handful of social distanced musicians.

As a major thunderstorm rolled into the area early Sunday morning, several planned parking lot and drive-thru style church services were cancelled or postponed. Green Acres Baptist Church, which normally sees 8,000 people attend their four Easter services moved to an online-only single service for the first time. Their sanctuary in Tyler fits 3,000 people.