Details for Top of Mind Awareness


While most discussions about civil law cases revolve
around the “plaintiff” (the person filing the lawsuit), for
every plaintiff, there is a “defendant” (respondent and
accused party). Have you ever considered how you would
react if you were served with a complaint and summons?
To begin with, you would have a specified period of time in
which to answer in a document which must be filed with the
court responding in writing to the allegations outlined in the
complaint. It should have the same caption as the complaint
and be filed with the same court. With all this in mind, it is in
a defendant’s best interest to consult with a lawyer before
submitting an answer.
Providing the best possible legal representation takes
more than just a kind ear or an aggressive attitude. You
want a lawyer who will both listen to your concerns and
fight for you in court. To schedule a consultation, please
call the Law Office of B. DIANE HEINDEL, P.C. at 903533-9900. A substantial portion of my practice is devoted
to civil litigation. I provide professional representation for
rural and urban clients. The office is at 407 E. 4th Street. Se
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HINT: A “Motion for Summary Judgment,” which can be
brought by either party in a civil case, asks the Court to
make a ruling based on the information acquired in the case
as of that point.