Details for Top of Mind Awareness

The set of laws used to determine who is liable when
a particular condition or use of a building, land, or other
premises causes an injury is called “premises liability.”
These laws are relatively complex due to the fact that the
kind of condition or use that will make a premises owner
or occupier liable for injury depends on the category into
which the injured person (“entrant”) falls. Those invited by
the premises owner or occupier, known as “invitees,” are
owed the highest level of responsibility. Those permitted
to be on the premises, known as “licensees,” are owed a
lower level of accountability than invitees. The lowest level
of responsibility is owed to “trespassers.”
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HINT: A premises owner or occupier is under a duty to do a
reasonable job maintaining and repairing a property so that
invitees (such as store patrons) are not injured.