Details for Top of Mind Awareness

Increasingly, aging adults with blended families in charge
of their care are finding themselves in the midst of family
battles over decision-making authority. While a second wife
or husband may be designated as health care proxy or the
agent under the power of attorney, adult children from the
first marriage may pursue a legal challenge to the second
spouse’s powers. When these disputes land in court and a
judge appoints a guardian or revokes a relative’s authority,
it can lead to long-standing resentments that may generate
significant legal bills. To circumvent such problems, it is
important for aging adults with blended families to choose
carefully when giving someone the power of decision over
their wealth and health.
Civil litigation is about money and not much more.
Whether the cause of action is contract, tort, or whether
the remedies sought include monetary or equitable relief,
the bottom line is we come to court prepared and ready to
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HINT: After you have named someone to be your health
care proxy, give a copy of the paperwork to everyone in
your family.