Results for Jan. 3

Nancy Green and Peggy Singer, 1st; Mary Bartley and Jackie Kimberley, 2nd; S.V. Rathnman and Joyce Hahn, 3rd; Janet Bullock and Pat Cawley, 4th; Emily Leake and Jackie McGinty, 5th.

Results for Jan. 5

North/South: Brenda Baker and Emily Leake, 1st; Sue Ritschel and Jackie Mc-Ginty, 2nd; Nancy Green and Jackie Kimberley, 3rd; Colleen O'Neal and Sally McAnulty, 4th; Wayne and Lajuana Rogers, 5th.

East/West: Pat Cawley and Judy Kelly, 1st; Martha Taft and Miriam Rubin, 2nd; Don Gill and Pud Patterson, 3rd; Glenda Hamilton and LaQuita Zachary, 4th.

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