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A global crafting community has analyzed Google Trends data to discover which Netflix shows are the most popular in each state during lockdown.

“Tiger King” was the most popular show across America taking the top spot in nine states, followed by “Money Heist” and “13 Reasons Why.” “Money Heist” topped the list in New York, California and New Jersey, while the Southern states enjoyed teen dramas, “13 Reasons Why” and “Riverdale.”

A global crafting community analyzed Google Trends data since March 2020 to discover the most popular Netflix shows across America, breaking down the favorites by state.

The company that carried out the research,, found that “Tiger King” was the most popular Netflix show across America, taking the No. 1 spot in nine states.

This was followed by “Money Heist” and “13 Reasons Why.” The top viewed show in Texas was “13 Reasons Why.” undertook this research after developing a craft calculator which enables people to work out how much knitting and crocheting they could get done while watching their favorite shows.

The 10 most popular Netflix Shows across America and what a beginner can make while binge watching them:

1. Tiger King: 5 hours = a knitted pair of booties for a baby

2. Money Heist: 31 hours = a knitted hat for an adult

3. 13 Reasons Why: 46 hours = a crocheted bag

4. Stranger Things: 22 hours = a crocheted toy

5. American Horror Story: 86 hours = a knitted jumper for an adult

6. The Last Dance: 10 hours = a crocheted pair of booties for a baby

7. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich: 4 hours = a knitted pair of booties for a baby

8. Black Mirror: 22 hours = a crocheted baby romper

9. Riverdale: 63 hours = two crocheted blankets

10. Dead to Me: 9 hours = a knitted candle holder

Here is a breakdown of the most popular Netflix shows in the states with the highest population:

1. California – Money Heist

2. Texas – 13 Reasons Why

3. Florida – Money Heist

4. New York – Money Heist

5. Illinois – The Last Dance

6. Pennsylvania – 13 Reasons Why

7. Ohio – Stranger Things

8. Michigan – The Last Dance

9. Georgia – Riverdale

10. North Carolina – Tiger King

The longest series on Netflix is currently Grey’s Anatomy with 363 episodes adding up to a running time of 260 hours (or almost 11 days). This equates to the same amount of time it would take for a beginner to knit 10 children’s jackets.

To view an infographic map and see which Netflix show came out top in each of the USA’s 50 states, visit:

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