Elkhart ISD

Position 2

Ron Mays

Paul Barnett

Palestine ISD

Place 5

Tanya Jordan

Davi Killion Ingram

City of Palestine Mayor

Steve Presley

Michael Sims

A.D. Ethridge

District 2

Mitchell Jordan

Barbara A. Jordan

District 4

Joe Baxter

Joseph Tompson

Grizelda Castillo

Westwood ISD

Proposition A

The issuance of $39 million of bonds by the Westwood Independent School District for school facilities and the levying of a tax in payment thereof.



Frankston ISD Place 2

Carl House

Dustin Holladay

Place 7

Jerry D. Jones

Ryan Brizzell

City of Frankston Mayor

Gerald M. Hall

Johnny "Ray" Baker

Place 2

Elmer Gene Birdwell

Steve E. Dixon

Place 4

Eugene Brooks

Alfonso Lang


Rusk ISD

Vote for none, one, two or three

Jake Ocker

James Sanchez

Jeff Johnson

Tracy Session


City of Kilgore Mayor

Victor Boyd

Ronnie Spradlin

Kilgore College

Place 7

Janice Bagley

Charles Robinson

Kilgore ISD

Place 7

Dana Sneed

Jason D. Smith


City of Athens

Place 1

Toni Clay

Chet Patel

Proposition A

"Shall the City Council of the City of Athens, Texas, expend a portion of the funds received from the sale of the City's Combination Tax and Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2017, for improvements to the Cain Center, estimated to be no more than $5,300,000?"



Athens ISD

Place 5

Eric Smith

Margaret Richardson

Place 6

Vote for one

Chris House

Kari Wilmeth

City of Chandler Mayor

Bob Valliere

Libby Fulgham

Council Member

Vote for none, one or two

Marshall Crawford Jr.

Angie Saxon

Kari Bersano

Eustace ISD

Place 3

Jamie Potter

Dianne Shaffer

Blake Ward

Leslie Smith

Michael Cates

Place 4

Jack Kile

Katie Goodell


Steven Bell

Place 7

Bobby Karl Ashton

Karyn Mullen

Larry Tiner

Gun Barrel City (West)

Place 3

Gregory T. Aiello

Keith Butler

Place 5 (At-Large)

Joshua Bruce Smith

Linda Rankin

Gun Barrel City (East)

Place 1

Richard Yaws

Rob Rea

Place 5 (At-Large)

Joshua Bruce Smith

Linda Rankin

Payne Springs Special Election Proposition A

"The reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in Payne Springs at the rate of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets."



City of Seven Points Council (At-Large)

Vote for none, one, two or three

Gerald Taylor

Andy Perdue

Tommy Taylor

Kenneth McConnell

Mark Howson


Tatum ISD

Trustee, Place 4

Everigester Adams Jr.

Darin Anthony


Bullard ISD

Place 6

Jon Jacobs

Susie Turner Saxion

Chapel Hill ISD

Place 1

Les Schminkey

Ronnie C. Williams

Place 2

David Acker

Gregory Ford

Place 3

Rickey B. Mosley

Cindy Cagle Gaffis

Colette Murrell

City of Tyler

District 3-Northwest

Dalila Reynoso

Shirley J. McKeller

Pamela Phoenix

Tyler ISD

District 3

Freeman D. Sterling

Marc Loredo

District 6

Fritz Hager

Lisa McClure

City of Winona

Vote for none, one, two or three

Craig Attaway

Nubbin Rutledge

Michael J. Everheart

Shelley Brumley

Terry G. Cole

Dennis McKee

Winona ISD

Place 5

Scott Jones

Mark Wintters

Dexter Jones

Place 6

Bruce Bumham

Connie Gibbs


Edgewood ISD

Place 3

Eric Maldonado

Clay King

Place 4

Weldon Haynes

Chris Tull

Kyle Wilcoxson

Grand Saline ISD

Vote for none, one or two

Casey Jordan

Jeremiah Carnes

Lannie Dugan

Wills Point ISD

Place 4

Cory Snidler

George S. Wilcoxson

Place 5

Betty Carper

Chuck Allen


Alba-Golden ISD

Vote for none, one or two

James Wilkinson

Brad Lennon

Brady Robinson

Dwayne Thompson

Chad Dailey

Mineola ISD

Vote for none, one or two

Jim Ruffin

Jo McCarty

Jackie Lee Rodieck

Jill Melvin Quiambao

Patricia Wright

Glen Dossett

Yantis ISD

Vote for none, one or two

Jennifer Larkin

April Johnson

Jeff Quinn

Hawkins ISD

Vote for none, one, two or three

Ed Tunnell

Ashley Conner

Micheline Gipson

Matthew Dacus

Winnsboro ISD

Vote for none, one or two

Kraig Yarbrough

Brandon Green

Ron Smedley

Danny Kelly

City of Winnsboro Alderman Joan Morris

Adolph "Mel"


Wendy Blake

City of Quitman Mayor

J.R. Evans

Randy Dunn

City Alderman

Vote for none, one or two

Brad Medlin

Arnie Spiers

Michael Raney

David Dobbs

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