In many ways the Brooklyn Nets hiring Jason Kidd makes no sense.

In some ways it does.

Kidd, who ended his 19-year playing career earlier this month, was named the Nets’ next head coach Wednesday. The news spawned debates about Kidd’s lack of coaching experience, the reason behind his hiring and many other things.

Those against the decision say:

 Kidd is less than a month removed from his playing career.

 He cut in front of others who’ve waited in line for job openings.

 The move is only a PR move.

 The Nets have the NBA’s fourth-highest payroll, so why risk the potential failure?

 He was charged with a DWI last July after driving his Cadillac Escalade into a telephone poll. Is that a positive example for the players?

Those who find some logic in the hiring say:

 Kidd led the Nets to the NBA finals as a player. Now he can do so as their coach.

 His NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks and 10 All-Star appearances should command player respect.

 He played the same position of Brooklyn’s biggest star, point guard Deron Williams.

 He reflects the revitalized franchise, which moved to a new city and arena this season.

More arguments can be made from both sides, but Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov owns the most important opinion.

“The point is that there are people who are born coaches,” the Russian billionaire said. “And it is known that Jason Kidd was in fact a player-coach on many teams. And he has been training for a long time. He has played under many coaches and he has always wanted to be a coach.”

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