Had enough L.A. Lakers coverage?

Feel more stuffed — with their daily drivel —than you did after taking part in that hot dog contest at Pink’s Hollywood?

Wondered why a team barely starring in the playoff picture gets so much attention, just because of its championship tradition and the fact it gained an elderly Steve Nash and an unstable Dwight Howard during the offseason? Wondered why people are renaming the City of Angels the City of the Clippers these days, despite all the news spewing from the tinsels out there being about Kobe’s compliant?

If so, as L.A.’s late superstar Michael Jackson once reminded his millions of followers from that Wackywood estate of Neverland Ranch, you’re not alone.

So with the NBA trade deadline having arrived, the Lakers aren’t alone in the topic of moving players at the final hour. But of course the top story has concerned Howard, who was traded to the Lakers prior to the season and will be a free agent next offseason. And with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack labeling Howard the Lakers’ “future” on Wednesday, the storyline will continue and continue As the World Turns.

As the Lakers continue to underachieve — evidenced by their 25-29 record going into Wednesday, which has spawned more crow than L.A.’s rival on the East Coast — the soap opera involving the purple and gold and Bryant and whether Howard will re-sign has caused sensory overload. This guy is waiting for ESPNLosAngeles.com, the mastermind behind these Days of the Lakers’ Lives, to create a storyline in which Mike D’Antoni is exorcised by Metta World Peace in Marlena Evans Black North Craig Brady Bradford fashion — who, in 1995, was the first soap character ever possessed by a demon.

Folks are still talking about that in Salem.

That all being said, a move toward digression would respect that pro sports are what they are and the flashy teams will always make the news while the focused take a backseat and challenge for world dominance.

No matter their epic failures, the Cowboys will draw the networks’ top broadcasting team just about every Sunday next fall. And despite being bare shades of their former selves, the Yankees and Red Sox will be forced upon us like A-Roid on a PED every time they tangle this summer.

So perhaps those who could care less about the Lakers will have to look deeper than dot.com home pages — especially, let me stress once more, ESPN.com — to locate their NBA news. And in the meantime, small market teams such as the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder will continue to run the Western Conference in near anonymity.

And let’s not forget the Clippers happen to be right there, too.

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