This is go-for-broke week in fantasy leagues. That quarterback, receiver or running back you've been leery of starting because he could just as easily put up a zero as double-digit points — this is the week to get them in your lineup.

It's the last Sunday of the 2012 fantasy football regular season for a majority of leagues.

For most owners, their team's fate has already been decided. You've either qualified already and working on getting a better seed or have been out of it for a while.

Those who desperately need a win this week to get in: go for broke.

You need to win, not just put up a solid score, so this week more than any other is the one you take risks. It is also the week that you bench underperforming players in favor of others that could catch fire for one week.

If you get beat 75-72 because you benched a running back (like Michael Turner, for instance) who'd been providing consistent 9-10 outing the past couple weeks, this is when you pick up off the waiver wire guys like Bryce Brown from Philadelphia, Michael Bush from Chicago or even DeAngelo Williams from Carolina and hope you get a 20-30 point game.

Trust me, if your team is scoring in the 70s, your playoff run is going to be short-lived anyway, so bench Steelers receiver Mike Wallace (I am going to) for waiver-wire add Mohammed Sanu from the Cincinnati Bengals. Sit down underperforming QBs like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Phillip Rivers and even Carson Palmer for a potential home-run hitter in the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick.

At least when the curtain drops this weekend on the season, you can feel good in the knowledge that you went for it and didn't play it safe.

As for the Last Action Heroes, my team is 8-4 and clinched a playoff spot two weeks ago in the Dereliction League, our 14-team one point per two receptions league. One more win this week would guarantee my team the top seed from our division.

I am still going for broke. Mike Wallace could be ranked in the top 10 at receiver this week and I am still putting in Sanu for upside and a chance to score double-digit points instead of single digits.

A few more off-the-radar guys (not already listed above) probably on your waiver wire that could produce big weeks:

Mario Manningham, WR, San Francisco 49ers: Last year's Super Bowl hero has been absent for most of this season, but grabbed five passes for 69 yards and seems to be on the same page as new QB Kaepernick.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Denver Broncos: Where have you been? Moreno came back from the dead, literally, last week against the Kansas City Chiefs with 20 carries for 85 yards. John Fox has already said Moreno is top of the depth chart now with the injury to Willis McGahee. Moreno has breakaway ability and now has the opportunity.

Good luck to everyone this week, except White Lines, who the Heroes are playing and could prevent me from grabbing the top seed. The Lines (2-10 produced an eye-popping 156 points last week.


Chris Parry began playing fantasy football in college in 1996 and he has won numerous titles in both fantasy football and baseball. His column appears each Thursday on Page 2. Any lineup questions or comments, please email to, or you can send a tweet to @CParryETFS with the #fantasytakeaway.



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